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Managing Your Money

Online gambling can’t be possible without proper money management. At Captain Cooks Captain Cooks, you won’t get into trouble. Whether you want to put them onto your account or cash them out from there, you will get assisted.

Pay money

To proceed with the online routine, you need to invest some money first. How to do it? You just need to choose the most relevant payment system. This can be:

It usually takes a few minutes to complete a financial operation. In rare cases, it may take 1-2 days. For newcomers, the smallest sum of money to be processed through Captain Cooks casino login page is CAD$5. For other users, this sum makes up CAD$10.

Make payouts

Once you earn a few bucks, you will want to transfer them to your bank balance. Compared to investments, payouts demonstrate less diversity in payment methods. Still, you have a few decent options to rely on:

It usually takes more time to complete a payout at Captain Cooks Cooks. Considering the selected payment method, it may last from one hour to one week to see your funds managed. The smallest sum of money to be processed is CAD$50. The only exception is made for Swiss players who need to process at least CAD$100. If you complete a financial operation via a Standard Bank Transfer, you will have to get at least CAD$300 involved.


Apart from standard contact options, you will find a lot of useful information on the FAQ page. After checking the most common questions, you may find yours. After reading the answer, you won’t need professional assistance anymore.

Can I use Captain Cooks Casino flash?

Yes, you can. The flash version can be allocated on the official homepage or Play Market on your mobile device.

Is it mandatory to install a mobile application?

No, it isn’t. You can proceed with a browser version instead.

What is the smallest sum of money to be invested by a newcomer?

For the initial investments, you will need to invest CAD$5 and more. For each following investment, it should be not less than CAD$10.

How long does it take to get your online cabinet approved?

Officially, the personal approval lasts 24 hours. In most cases, it takes a few hours to get activation.

What to do if I don’t remember my Captain Cooks Captain Cooks Casino login?

Simply, you get in touch with online specialists. They will send a reminder to your email box.